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2001 Fleer Genuine Phil Rizzuto Names of the Game Auto/Bat

After the 2001 Fleer Genuine baseball product hit the market, Fleer announced short prints (SP) and cards pulled from production. One of the cards pulled from production was the 2001 Fleer Genuine Phil Rizzuto Names of the Game Bat/Autograph. Two autographed variations (black & blue ink) exist and both could possibly be one of a kind.

There are unsigned cards that hit the market, but even they are hard to find. It is rumored that the game used version was also left out of packs. According to Beckett Grading (BGS) population report, 47 of the 50 game used inserts have been graded. Compared to the rest of the cards in the set, this brings up a red flag. The blue variation autograph was part of the previously 48 of 50 graded (see the error label). If anyone have the game used insert and actually pulled it from a pack themselves, please let us know.

There may be more “unsigned” autographed versions within the graded cluster which may throw the numbers off.

  1. February 6, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    Seems a few were mislabelled. These are confirmed unnumbered autograph versions.
    0003893267, 0003893266, 0003893265, 0003893264, 0003893263, 0003893262, 0003893261, 0003893260, 0003893259, 0003893258, 0003893257, 0003893256, 0003893255, 0003893254, 0003893253, 0003893252, 0003893251, 0003893250, 0003893249, 0003893248, 0003893247, 0003893246, 0003893245, 0003893244, 0003893243, 0003893242, 0003893241, 0003893240, 0003893239, 0003893238, 0003893237, 0003893236, 0003893235, 0003893234, 0003893233, 0003893232, 0003893231, 0003893230, 0003893229, 0003893228, 0003893227, 0003893226, 0003893225

    All were graded on august 15, 2005. That’s 43 cards. It’s obvious that these were backdoored or not returned to Fleer.

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