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Authenticating Bloopers

I saw someone tweet about this, so I had to blog about it. I know everyone is human and this is of course a human error. But maybe these authenticating services need to either slow down or hire more trained people. Each company definately needs some sort of quality control to look at the final product for errors before they are shipped out. Here are some examples:


Just so you think I’m not picking on one particular authenticator, here are examples of facsimiles being authenticated as authentic autographs. Even the sellers were listing them as authentic. I have a lot of respect for both authenticators and have a small collection myself, using both companies. But I think they need a QC department. In the past, we’ve seen rubber stamps authenticated such as the Mark McGwire below and countless mislabels. Hopefully, things will improve in the future. I know economy is bad, but you can never sacrifice quality as it tarnish the repretation.

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