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Fanboy Expo (@Fanboyexpo) 2013

I was able to attend 2013 @FanboyExpo and overall, it was a good convention. I finally obtained that missing Billy Dee Williams autograph for my custom duel signed Bingo Long & The Traveling All-Stars card. Although a good show, I had mixed feelings about it. Let me start out with the Pros. The costumes were the best I’ve seen at any convention I’ve attended in this area.

IMAG0051 IMAG0055 IMAG0053
More pictures are available on Knox News website: http://www.knoxnews.com/photos/galleries/2013/jun/01/costumes-fanboy-expo/

It was amazing to see CP3PO from Star Wars just roaming around the convention. Also, there  was a guy in an anthentic looking Chewbacca costume (very brave for a hot day in June).

The staff were organized and professional. After handing the money and item to be signed to a staff member, he made sure all available services were offered, picked out the proper pen to be used on the autographed item, and informed the celebrity that here is an existing autograph on the item and to be careful not the sign over it. For an additional $2, a COA and matching hologram sticker was available to prove its authencity. I thought that was a nice touch for those who want to sell their item in the future. The line moved very quickly, as one staff member stated about the Photo Ops, “each photo takes about a minute, so if there is 20 people in line… they would only have a 20 minute wait.”

There were a nice variety of vendors. The items ranged from protective toploaders for autographed items to toys, trading card packs, t-shirts, and artwork. The vendors were very active promoting their product. Some vendors were promoting their upcoming expos, passing out their own flyers. The fan turnout was great also. I watched the Billy Dee Williams Q&A session briefly, then got in line for an autograph.

There were a few things that could have been better and a few things that took away from the enjoyment of the expo. For starters, although free, parking was limited. Walking up the steps of the Jacob Building is like remaking the original Rocky movie. Hopefully, everyone brought their walking shoes.

The expo itself was pricey and everything other than parking had a price. For example, tickets just to get in the door was $20. Then for most celebrities, you had to pay to have a picture made with them (“Photo Ops”) session. There was another fee to have those pictures signed. To explain this process in detail, I’ll use Billy Dee Williams (who was very professional) as an example.  This one minute Photo Opps session cost $40. So, in order to stand next to him and get your picture taken, it was $40. Now, after you’ve spent $40 to take a picture with him, you had to pay an additional $20 to get that photo signed. After getting they photo signed, if you wanted a COA w/ hologram, there was an additional $2 fee (don’t get me wrong, the COA is worth the cost). The total bill is $82 (admission, picture with Billy Dee Williams signed with COA). I assume Opps is short for Opportunity. Anthony Michael Hall, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Lee Majors, Billy Dee Williams, Jeremy Bulloch, Erik Bauersfeld, Joey Lauren Adams, all had photo opps that day. That wasn’t an issue as this was scheduled.

IMAG0057 IMAG0056 IMAG0054 IMAG0058

What took away from the expo is that other celebrities had their own side photo opps. One celebrity told me their photos were $20 ($25 if I wanted it signed), $25 if I wanted a photo with them, $30 if I wanted that photo signed. It started to take away from the “Fan” experience when you are expected to pay to take pictures with the celebrity, even after buying one of their photos and autograph. That would explain why the lines were never long.  Lee Majors was one of the exceptions. Although, the most expensive, he had a long line. He was the replacement headliner after Adam West and Burt Ward canceled due to health issues (hope they get well soon). The Six Million Dollar Man didn’t let an injured arm keep him from signing for his fans. He seemed to interact with everyone and had a lot to sign.

Here is one of the items I had signed.

IMAG0067 IMAG0071 IMAG0072_1

Debating on attending next years Fanboy Expo, but interested in seeing the line up. Hopefully, they relax on the “Photo Opps” as it makes Fanboy feel like InvestBoy Expo.

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