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1990 Pro Set Eric Dickerson #338

1990 Pro Set Eric Dickerson

“(No. 338). Since Dickerson refuses to be part of other manufacturers` sets, the NFLPA told Pro Set not to release his card.

1989 set-a clause in the union contract is being strictly enforced now after other manufacturers complained. Dickerson`s attorney sent letters to Pro Set and the union stating his wishes for exclusivity both years.

“Pro Set had no right to make that card,“ Allen said. “We haven`t made Pro Set the official card of the NFLPA, like the NFL did. The five companies

(Action Packed, Fleer, Pro Set, Score and Topps) have gotten every player except one. It`s not that we don`t like Eric Dickerson, but you can see why we can`t allow one company to use his likeness if the others can`t.

“We`re not opposed to Dickerson being included in trading cards. We just can`t permit one company to create an artificial advantage over another.

“Dickerson is free to put conditions on the use of his picture and we`re free not to use his likeness. We had players say they wanted to be with companies other than Pro Set, but we said all or none to them, too.“” – Chicago Tribute , June 15, 1990

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