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Flashback, but some things never change.

1995 Signature Rookies Tetrad Autobilia Todd Helton #87

It’s always funny to see this card that has my username on it, but it brought up a conversation I had with a local dealer. The shop at the time was located down the street from the high school me and Todd attended. The dealer had the autographed version in his case. Todd’s parents use to go to that shop, Sports Treasures (@sportstreasures), to see what new cards Todd had out. Well, apparently, Todd saw the autographed version of this card and said he never signed any of those cards. With Signature Rookies and Genuine Article (Roy Ro”d”gers forgery), that seem to have been a common issue with those old passing through card companies. After seeing so many variation of signatures, I miss the old days when a representative was present during the signings. Now, stickers are signed, then returned by the athlete or their agent.

The back of the card states, “This card was signed by Roy Ro”d”gers in the presence of a representative of the Genuine Article, Inc. The Signature is Guarenteed Authentic Unconditionally.”

Too bad the basketball player’s name is Roy Rogers (without the d) which is in the autograph.

And who could forget the 1997 UD NFL Legends Donnie Shell Autograph #AL24 which at least 1/2 to 2/3 of the cards were signed by his wife.

At least Upper Deck was honest stating, “This NFL Legends trading card was not autographed in the presence of a representative of the Upper Deck Company, LLC., but was obtained directly from Donnie Shell.”

Integrity seems to always get overlooked in order to cut cost.

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